West-Östlicher Divan
Not quite a recent project, but a favourite one: a cover illustration for Goethe’s «West-Eastern Divan» poem book. Traditional/digital artwork by Gabriel Martínez Meave.
  • West-Östlicher Divan
    Cover illustration for Goethe’s classic poem book
  • Illustration for a poetry book. In this case, J.W. Goethe’s classic title. As usual, executed in traditional/digital techniques: a detailed graphite drawing over fine tracing paper, plus digital colour, over a real Japanese-paper texture. An commission by a mysterious East-Prussian editor. Instead of a typical, romantic, arabesque-flavoured approach, I preferred to explore a kind of Oriental-space-opera look, together with strange creatures, furniture and artifacts. The girl is a personal rendition of Zuleika, one of the characters in the poems.