G.M.Meave | Logo Sampler 1
Logos for Mexicana (airline), Codigram XXV anniversary (design association), Miami Realty (real state company), Tipos Latinos (Latin American typographic organization), Kimera (design studio), Bravado (headhunting consultants), SG (corporate communication agency), Business Mexico (business magazine). All featuring original typographic design, icons and concept by Gabriel Martínez Meave.
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
  • Logos by G.M.Meave | Sampler 1
    Diverse logotypes for Mexican & international companies and institutions
  • Logo for the 25th anniversary of Codigram, a Mexican graphic & industrial designers’ association.
  • Logo & Identity for Miami Realty, a real state company based on Miami & Mexico City.
  • Logo & Identity for Tipos Latinos, the main Latin American type designers’ association & biennial.
  • Logo & Identity for Kimera, Gabriel Martínez Meave’s design studio.
  • Logo & Identity for Bravado, a headhunting and executive consultancy founded by Roberto Debayle.
  • Logo & Identity for SG, a corporate communications Mexican agency.
  • Logo & Heading for Business Mexico, the magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce (Mexico).